Moctezuma’s Revenge: One-Sentence Summary for my first book in The Inquisitor Series

ImageToday I’m polishing Steps 1 and 2 in the process of writing my first novel. The book, Moctezuma’s Revenge, will be the third story in the six-part Inquisitor series, following the paranormal adventures of Father Inquisitor Aidan McGrath as he seeks to defend and strengthen the faith and faithful in the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico, 1820-1851.

This is my One-Sentence Summary:

 August, 1826, Bernalillo, New Mexico. Father Inquisitor Aidan McGrath’s mission to protect the faith and the faithful in the Rio Grande Valley is put to the test when he encounters a prosperous settlement’s secretive religious sect and uncovers a murderous conspiracy to revive a bloody, pagan religion and its ravenous, demonic entity. 

I’m following a writing plan that incorporates the Pyramid on Point method developed by Jess Lourey, and a handful of other sources, and I feel very encouraged that this time I’m going to finish a first draft (after several false starts dating back to 1997!)

So, back to it!


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