‘Obituary’ short story wins award


I am a proud and enthusiastic new member of the Littleton Writers Critique Group, associated with Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. About every two months or so, we are given a writing prompt or challenge, with a small award as an incentive.

For February, in commemoration of Valentine’s Day, we were encouraged to write a short short story (100 words or fewer) containing the phrase “broken heart.”

My story “Obituary” won! It’s a darkly comic obituary blurb mentioning some well known characters from a bygone day. You may read it   HERE.

This was a valuable exercise, because it sparked my creativity and imagination, and gave me a mini-vacation from the first draft of my first novel, which I’ve been plodding through for more than a year.

The support, encouragement, wise counsel and insightful critiques my new friends and colleagues provide are helping me grow as a writer. Only a few weeks passed between my submission of the carefully penned and edited “Obituary” and its publication on the web site. Yet when I saw it in cyber-print, I immediately pictured Mike, Darla, Robin, Kevin, Chris, Katy, Mindy and so many others and thought, “I should have run this by the group before submitting. It could have been tighter, faster, funnier.”

Ah well. There’s always room for improvement. It’s possible to tinker something to death, so it’s better for me to do my best, send it out and let it go. Because, as the saying goes, “At the end of the day, the sun goes down. “


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