What in the world[view] is Catholic Fiction?

ImageAre you a writer of Catholic fiction? Or do you wonder what that is?

It’s not a genre, and it’s not a pulpit.

It’s a Weltanschauung.

That’s a German word. Look it up. Nah, don’t bother to look it up, because the English definition is pitiful, thin, lacking in “oomph”. Or as they say in Germany, “oomph pah pah.”

Sort of like the definition of Gemütlichkeit. You either “get it” or you don’t.

Concepts like that defy definition. It’s better just to say them in German. That way, even if you can’t explain what they mean, everyone will still be impressed. Just make sure you PRONOUNCE the word correctly, or everyone will realize you are a poser.

Seriously, Catholic fiction is a “thing.” It’s an ineffable thing, and don’t you dare try to put it in a box, or a category, or God-forbid, a pigeonhole. The pigeons will object and totally mess with your Gemütlichkeit.

It’s a mystery. If you’re Catholic, or Catholic-friendly, you already know better than to try and explain “mystery” to a non-believer.

They either “get it” or they think there’s something wrong with you. Because offhand rejection is easier than considering that they might be missing something ABSOLUTELY VITAL.

And that’s the point. It’s about faith. Not doctrine, or dogma, or discipline. Faith.

Unlike those German concepts, faith is a little word, but the importance of it in your life is vast. Unmeasurable.

It’s a sense, conscious or unconscious (or in my case semi-conscious), of our place in the world and the world’s place in us. It’s the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of earth, coming together through the word. It’s life plus LIFE, woven together and finding a home in each world, because both kingdoms are at hand.

But not two hands. One hand.

Confused? Curious? You should consult an expert about your condition.

Tuscany Press is serving as midwife for the rebirth of Catholic fiction. They’ve got a really interesting web site at http://www.tuscanypress.com. A lot of these ideas get bandied about.

Another related (so related they are siblings) site is CatholicFiction.net.

If those don’t do the trick, fly the coop with me. The pigeons have gone and messed with your Weltanschauung too!


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