Thank you, One Night Stand Theater, for staging ‘Imperfections’!











What a thrill it was to attend One Night Stand Theater’s production of “Voices for Change,” April 12 at the Vintage Theatre in Aurora. The evening featured, among others, my ten-minute travesty “Imperfections.”

A huge thank you to director Kristin Honiotes for courageously taking on a potentially unpopular and certainly controversial social subject and discovering ALL the humor I put into it. Kristin showed phenomenal respect for the text, and interpreted it perfectly for the stage.

Thank you also to the cast: Kathi Wood as the genetic engineering coach, Andrew Dus as a reluctant Chip, and Maria Ortiz as a clearly out-of-her-depth Cissy. I shed tears of laughter while watching you squirm. I’m so proud of you all, and very grateful. You are all tremendously talented actors, and I dearly hope to see you perform more of my plays!

My next step is to send the new, improved version of the script out to publishers. There’s a growing market for 10-minute plays, and I hope this one finds a “forever home” soon.

Hey, you playwrights. You should bookmark One Night Stand Theater and submit to them often. They are committed to producing script-in-hand staged performances of new and quality short works. And production is kind of a prerequisite for most publishers before they’ll even consider your script.

Their next show is “One Night Stand with Leroy Leonard,” an evening of short plays, stories and poems by a Denver playwright with an extensive track record as writer and performer.

The next opportunity for new plays or stories featured in One Night Stand is coming up on August 2. That’s when they will present “One Night Stand in the Old West,” so send them plays, stories or poems about the Old West, Colorado history, or the taming of the frontier. (It doesn’t even have to be the American frontier; they’re flexible.) The deadline for entries is June 22; send them to If you have questions, send them to that e-mail address as well.


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