One Night Stand Theatre to produce my short play ‘Peacemaker’ Aug. 2

One Night Stand Wild West

Great news!

I’ve just learned that my short play Peacemaker is going to receive its world premiere at One Night Stand Theater’s “Wild West” evening of short plays and stories, Aug. 2 at the Vintage Theatre. I’ll post more information on the production later, but the graphic above gives the basic information.

One Night Stand Theater is committed to producing new and experimental short works, usually around a theme. In August the theme will be “One Night Stand in the Wild West.”

Peacemaker is a short sketch in which a schoolboy visits a merchant to purchase a six-shooter, in order to gun down a boy who has been making eyes at the girl he loves. The fast-thinking, fast-talking merchant offers him an enormous amount of advice, so much so that the boy reconsiders his plan.

I originally wrote Peacemaker to submit to One Night Stand Theater about a week after they announced the theme. But I’ve also submitted it for publication as a forensics competition piece.

If you would like to receive a FREE READING COPY of Peacemaker in pdf format by e-mail, simply contact me using the form on this page. No production rights are included with the reading copy, and this offer ends immediately upon the signing of a contract with a publisher.


One thought on “One Night Stand Theatre to produce my short play ‘Peacemaker’ Aug. 2

  1. Congratulations, Patrick!! I’m sure your play will be one of the highlights of the evening. I will gladly accept your offer of a reading copy. Looking forward to seeing your rave reviews after the show!

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