Pioneer Drama Service to publish ‘Robin Hood: Naught in Nottingham’

Last week my son and playwriting partner Jacob and I signed contracts with Pioneer Drama Service for our comedy spoof Robin Hood: Naught in Nottingham.

LJ and RHThe play was originally written for the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center’s production last fall, and then re-tooled for upper-elementary/middle school performances.

With a quiver-full of gags, slapstick humor and hilarious anachronisms, this is a Robin Hood like you’ve never seen him — or rather HER — before! The vain and pompous Prince John squeezes the simple folk of Nottingham’s purses by raising taxes and ordering the Sheriff to set up a speed trap. Robin and her band of outlaws, including panini-craving Friar Tuck, sensitive giant Little John, girly-girl Maid Marian and wise-cracking Nurse Betty, wandering minstrel Alan a Dale and his cheerleading Bench Wenches, and more, turn the tables on the benighted Sheriff, thwart crybaby Prince John’s nefarious plans, and take the braggart knight Gal of Gisbourne down a few notches. There’s horseless jousting and a show-stopping archery contest with moving targets at the world’s first Renaissance Fair, goofy disguises, silly chases, epic battles with pool noodles, and merriment galore. At last, with a guest cameo by King Richard, all things “naught in Nottingham” are set aright.In the Castle

The show runs approximately 45 minutes.

My relationship with Pioneer Drama Service goes back 30 years, and I’m pleased to have them represent this show. This is Jacob’s fourth play with Pioneer.

Robin Hood: Naught in Nottingham will not appear in the fall catalog, as that has already been printed. But it will be available for purchase from the web site in a few months. Stay tuned!

Thank you, Pioneer Drama Service for your commitment to publishing plays and musicals for the amateur market.

Archery Contest


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