Fiction: Action/adventure urban fantasy writer Joseph Nassise has bad news, good news for fans

One of my all-time favorite action/adventure, urban fantasy writers, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joseph Nassise gave me some bad news this week.

In addition to several series of his own, including The Great Undead War (Steampunk meets zombie soldiers in WWI Germany and England) and my absolute favorite Templar Chronicles (Vatican-Supported commandos fighting supernatural beasties), the prolific author was part of the “Alex Archer” team of six to nine authors who penned the Rogue Angel series, featuring globetrotting archeologist Annja Creed, inheritor of Joan of Arc’s mystical sword.

R.I.P. Annja Creed

Nassise wrote ten of Rogue Angel’s 57 titles in four years! These were Gold Eagle books, but in the ever-churning shark tank of traditional publishing houses, Harlequin was purchased by HarperCollins, and the line was discontinued.

Say it isn’t so!

It’s so.

Nassise had two more titles in the pipeline, that aren’t going to happen.

Rogue Angel was a breakthrough series, bringing elements of the supernatural into a traditionally techno-realistic action genre.

Annja, you will be missed. And Lara Croft is a poor substitute.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the previous books are still available. Here’s a link to Joseph Nassise’s Rogue Angel page: CLICK HERE.

Once you’ve identified the titles, you can find them on Amazon. The series is all listed as being written by “Alex Archer,” but on the copyright page you can see “special thanks to Joseph Nassise.”

There’s even BETTER NEWS!

Nassise isn’t slowing down. Not by a long shot. He’s got LOTS MORE books coming up, including a very exciting anthology collaboration. I encourage you to check out his Amazon Author Page, and become a loyal follower.


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