Review: ‘Occult Assassin,’ action-packed supernatural shoot-em-up by William Massa

William Massa’s haunted hit-man Frank Talon is really coming into his own with his third adventure “Occult Assassin: Apocalypse Soldier.” The former Delta operative has finally acknowledged the presence of objectivelyOccultAssassin demonic evil, but his modus operandi is still to eliminate with extreme prejudice those who choose to ally themselves with dark forces. This time out Talon is tasked with rescuing a formerly possessed damsel in distress from becoming re-possessed, this time seven-fold. There’s a nearly endless supply of nameless, faceless bad guys to take out, but one thing I love about this series is that the hero doesn’t just charge in with guns blazing. He makes plans, has contingency plans, knows when to request backup, and when he pulls the trigger, it’s just one more step in a process. There are scenes of stealth, an extended chase scene, and a siege on a remote desert monastery. Another strong point in this (hopefully) ongoing series is how Talon wrestles with his own demons, even when taking down the minions of others. His primary ally is resourceful as always, and three new characters could certainly show up again in later installments. Occult Assassin has all the elements of a Mack Bolan/Executioner action/adventure, but with a supernatural/horror twist. Can’t wait for the next one!

Check it out at Amazon.


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