‘The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled’ is now available through Eldridge Plays and Musicals


My new play The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled has just been published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.  (Click on either link above, or those throughout this post, for more information.)

Eldridge Plays and Musicals is a family-run publishing house that caters to the amateur theatrical needs of schools, churches, community theatres, and more. I have several shows with them, and am delighted that The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled is now part of their catalog.

The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled
Cast: 6 m, 7 w, additional cast possible
Script: 26 pages
The dashing, fleet-footed Gingerbread Man has gotten loose at Baker Street School, proud home of the Spatula Flippers. Now it’s up to a comical assortment of nerds and cheerleaders to put the bite on him. Principal Linzer Macaroon, cafeteria lady Muffin Topp and janitor Roland Butter enlist science teacher Newton Figg’s Mad Science Club and Lorna Doone’s pom squad to use their skills, talents and knowledge to capture the slick-sneakered cookie. This fast-paced show is filled with jokes, gags, slapstick humor, chases, and a riotous climax that will have audiences cheering. About 30 minutes.

This show is ideal for upper elementary and middle school-aged drama programs, though I think high school students who want to perform something silly, fast and light would have a lot of fun with this play.

Thank you, Eldridge Plays and Musicals, for supporting playwrights and serving the needs of educational, amateur and community theatres. And thank you for welcoming The Gingerbread Man Gets Schooled into your extensive and varied catalog.


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