Non-Fiction Review: Side Hustle Blueprint: How to Make an Extra $1000 in 30 Days Without Leaving Your Day Job! by Lise Cartwright

I didn’t want to buy this book. I didn’t even want to read this book. I wanted to read the second book in the series: Side Hustle Blueprint: How to Make an Extra $1000 per month Writing eBooks!

Side Hustle BlueprintAfter all, that’s what I want to learn. I don’t need a get-rich-quick “telemarketing from home” or “flipping real estate” type pitch. It’s obvious that traditional publishing is collapsing, so if I want to see any of the books I plan to write get published, I’m going to have to go the indie-author, e-book route.

I get it, and frankly, the idea is exhilarating.

But I learned back in college that sometimes when you want to take an advanced or specialized course, you need the “prerequisite” class first.

Even though I’d already purchased the Kindle version of Writing eBooks, and was primed to jump right in, I went back and purchased the first one. The one with the “too good to be true” title.

I’m so glad I did!

Lise CartwrightLise Cartwright has a friendly “voice,” and makes even the most daunting and terrifying (at least to a creative) tasks required to jump start a side business manageable. For those of us who aren’t natural entrepreneurs, but recognize freelancing and consulting are the future, Without Leaving Your Day Job is the place to begin.

At just around 118 pages (and priced accordingly), Without Leaving Your Day Job is quick, concise, non-threatening and actually fun to read. It’s not intimidating, and doesn’t assume you already know about launching businesses. There are loads of checklists and action plans. The information is summarized at the end of each chapter.

Best of all, Cartwright recognizes that those of us with day jobs need to ease in slowly, continue doing our breadwinning with integrity, but not dink around spinning our wheels and dreaming. The narrative fairly gushes with a spirit of generosity, reassurance, a recognition that more than the tantalizing “thousand a month”, what we really want is a shot at freedom and fulfillment, doing what we love.

Cartwright has actually created a hybrid between a feel-good self-help book and an introduction to creating a home business in the Cloud Age.

That’s the beauty of the book, along with gobs of links to free resources, and the plethora of checklists.

Cartwright guides prospective Side Hustlers along the path of discerning your best idea for a part time business, finding clients, creating a social media presence, pitches and proposals, interviewing, contracts, managing payments, time management, and more. She recognizes that too much information can be overwhelming, and that getting started on the right foot is more important than learning advanced concepts, practices and strategies. Those will come later, once the side hustle is up and running and begins to grow.

This book is a classic case of showing me that I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but needed to know.

It’s all good. So now I’m ready for Lise Cartwright’s primer on writing and publishing ebooks!


2 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Review: Side Hustle Blueprint: How to Make an Extra $1000 in 30 Days Without Leaving Your Day Job! by Lise Cartwright

  1. Father Patrick, Thank you for reviewing this book. I, too, have picked up and tossed aside more of those “get-rich-quick-work-from-home” book, ebooks, articles, blogs, etc. – always disapointed. The title of this one would have caused me to pass it by as just another worthless retread. I am delighted to hear from a trusted source – YOU! – that there is actually a guide worth investing time and money into!

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