Promo: ‘Well Bred’ sketch to receive world premiere Oct. 4


Great news!

My short comedic sketch Well Bred will receive its world premiere Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015 as part of One Night Stand Theater’s One Night Stand’s Animal Kingdom evening of short plays and stories. The performance will be at the Vintage Theatre in Aurora at 7 pm.

savannah-625x450__big (1)A Pomeranian and a Golden Retriever go into a back yard to breed “Golderanians”. Their convoluted courtship will become the stuff of comic legend, at least among pooches.

This one is a bit risqué, but in a funny way. There’s a lot more going on than just puppy love. It’s a silly yet poignant canine seduction scene that includes nearly all of my favorite things: pooping, peeing, chasing, barking and making whoopie — and all in less than 10 minutes!

The performance date coincides with the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals. This CAN’T be a coincidence! What greater way could there be to celebrate your love for animals, than to come see One Night Stand’s Animal Kingdom? Okay, maybe adopting a rescue pet is greater, but come see the play anyway!

This is my FOURTH short play to be performed by ONST, and the second world premiere. One Night Stand Theater offers a diverse collection of works every two months, based around a theme. They are huge supporters of new plays, and experimental works that might not otherwise see the spotlight. And their directors and cast are very respectful of the text. What more could a playwright want? Okay, a contract with a publisher. But still. They are awesome!

Well Bred was written specifically for ONST, but also is intended for presentation as a forensic duo competition piece.

If you would like to read Well Bred, CLICK HERE to request a free reading copy. (This FREE OFFER ends as soon as I sign a publication contract for the sketch.)


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