THIN SKINNED is now available on Kindle! Click HERE to order. In the barren, unforgiving desert outside Las Cruces, New Mexico, a sadistic Irish immigrant exacts gruesome revenge on the English lord who wronged her family. (This is a short story, approximately 2,250 words.)

THE INQUISITOR: SURROGATE SHEPHERD, a short story of THE INQUISITOR series, set in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1825, is in the final stages of editing. This story will introduce many of the key components of this “paranormal western” series.

THE INQUISITOR: MOCTEZUMA’S REVENGE, a full length novel of THE INQUISITOR series now has a nearly completed first draft. Set in Bernalillo, New Mexico in 1824, Inquisitor Aidan McGrath fights for the soul of the settlement and its people when an influential apostate re-introduces an ancient Aztec religion to the region.

THE INQUISITOR: THE UGLIEST MAN IN ALBUQUERQUE, a short story set in Albuquerque in the 1820s, has Inquisitor Aidan McGrath and a Lutheran muleteer climbing the sheer cliffs of the Sandia Mountains to rescue a kidnapped girl. This story is in the early development stage.

THE INQUISITOR: Untitled Santa Fe story, in the early stages of development, pits Inquisitor Aidan McGrath’s Swiss secretary and valet Gerhardt Schaeffer against boorish fur trappers, culminating in a terrifying knife throwing challenge where the souls of the contestants are on the line.

THE INQUISITOR series follows the paranormal adventures of an Irish Inquisitor who has been sent to New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley in the 1820s and ’30s, to defend the Faith and the faithful from a variety of natural and supernatural threats. I’m planning at least a six-book story arc. Major events will take place in Socorro, Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Chimayo, Santa Fe and Taos, and their surrounding environs, including nearby wilderness, pueblos and settlements.

THE FRANCISCAN series follows the adventures of a former Swiss Guard soldier who is sent to protect Fray Junipero Serra and the California Missions during the late 1700s. I’m thinking about a six-book story arc, though adventures could be centered around each of the Missions.

The GUNS OF SAINT PATRICK series will follow the exploits of the mostly-Irish Catholic deserters from the American Army who joined General Santa Ana in the Mexican-American War of the mid-1840s to form the San Patricio Battalion. The series will center around fateful battles, with  one military defeat after another, culminating in their branding and/or execution by U.S. Forces when Mexico City fell.

THE JESUIT standalone book, with the potential of expanding into a series, will be set in Baja California in the mid-18th century.


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